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The TIme

Time travel exists!
Ready to become a time agent?

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A secret team scientists discovered how to bend the laws of physics and create a machine that allow time travel. The machine will need energy to be able to start and only you can find out how to get it started and how to get it back!

60 minutes of time and a unique adventure in another era where no one can help you unless your teammates, your wit and your ability to survive.

da 4 a 6 persone

4/5/6 persons - 20€ x person

3 persone

3 persons - 25€ x person

2 persone

2 persons - 30€ x person

Non serve essere geni

Don't need
to be genius

Cersione Adulti

Complete Version for adults

Difficulty 7/10

Simple version for kids

Accessibile in sedia a rotelle

Wheelchair friendly

Pirates of Carebbeans

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