The Chamber
of Secrets Escape Room

A completely different magical world that will envelop you in the magic of the Chamber of Secrets ... Ready for a great adventure?

Attention please* the English version of the game will not be available from August 13th to 16th

The Ministry of Magic has found traces of dark magic within the walls of Hogwarts. Can you liberate from evil, the most famous school of magic in the world? There is no time to lose!

Our room escape the Chamber of Secrets has been built inspiring freely to the famous homonimus film, but must not be fans of the saga to enjoy engaging and immersive experience that gives the room. The surprises begin when you steo over that door. It will be a totally immersive, that will involve and entertain the whole team. All together towards a world full of magic!

  • 4/5/6 Persons - 20€  x person
  • 3 Persons - 25€ x person
  • 2 Persons - 30€ x person
  • Don't need
    to be genius
  • Don't need
    to Know
  • Complete
    for adults
  • Simple
    for kids
  • Wheelchair
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