Escape Room Cagliari


Escape Room Cagliari Stanzenigma




You can find our Escape Rooms in Cagliari, Via L’Aia 17.

Pirates of

The Black Pearl was hit by a storm,
Can you save yourself before you sink?

A museum, a mystery,
with traps and Enigmas



A squeal of tires, a lifegate that opens!
and… the riddler will kidnap you!

The Chamber
of Secrets

Magic and mystery
in Hogwarts castle

Numero giocatori escape room cagliari stanzenigma

Players from 2 to 6

Only by collaborating together you can solve all the riddle exciting puzzles inside the Escape Room of Cagliari! You’ll have to bring out the best of all your skills to find the way to get out.

logo escape room cagliari stanzenigma

Escape room Cagliari

Stanzenigma is the largest Escape Room in Sardinia! Here you will find many escapes for every taste, for a total of 6 wonderful experiences!

enigmi escape room cagliari stanzenigma

Puzzles to solve

Passwords, keys, mechanisms and more, that you have to activate and unlocked. Intuition, lateral thinking and sense of observation are the only real key to complete our Escape Rooms.

tempo e strategia escape room cagliari stanzenigma

Time and Strategy

Adrenaline and tension. The cronometer is running and the time is your enemy. You have one hour to search, discover and solve puzzles in the style of Escape Room Cagliari StanzEnigma.

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